Tuesday, September 4, 2007

oh! my little heart went pitter pat

Today I logged onto this blog and, to my surprise, found six comments for my last post (which is six more comments than the cumulative amount garnered by all my previous posts). Three of those comments are from Blake Butler, the first two of which he'd gone back and deleted. The one he left standing jibes: "whoever has the biggest tits gets published most, didn't you know? i have EE implants." Makes me wonder about the two he took out.

Another thing I've been wondering, since reading the comments, is whether the word 'conspiracy' holds greater weight in the world outside of San Francisco. I feel like it gets thrown around a lot in this burg, so much so that when I hear the word, or see it written, I tend to assume the speaker/writer is either a nutter, or talking with tongue in cheek.

In any case, the interest garnered by "a conspiracy of writers" is more than this shitty little blog has ever seen. I checked the hit tracker and saw it had logged 17 visits! Total fame, I know. Of course, three of those hits were probably from Blake, as he visited and revisited the site to revise his comments. And more than one of those hits was probably from me, checking to see if the post had gone up or not (I still haven't figured out this whole blogging gig). But whatever, none of the other crap I put up got any attention at all. Just goes to show: if you want recognition, court controversy.

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