Wednesday, September 19, 2007

San Francisco is expensive

I just finished a month of unemployment, and during that time I figured I'd track every penny passing through my hands in order to find out what a day costs. Turns out it costs a lot. I averaged more than $200 a week, and I'm a cheap bastard. Add that to $537.50 a month for rent (I split a $1075-a-month studio with my girlfriend), and it puts a month's expenses in the $1300 range. And this is just a fraction of what my friends are spending on a monthly basis--I don't know anyone in this whole fucking city that pays less for rent than I do. Of course, rent's only one of the ways you get screwed around here. A beer costs $5 in a bar, unless you stiff the bartender on the tip. Drink 5 beers in a week and you just burned 25 bucks, which is $100 a month. Wanna see a movie? $10.50 a ticket. How 'bout dinner? You'd be hard pressed to eat out for less than $10 a person, and you could easily end up dropping upwards of $20. That's not a fancy meal, either. Even trying to go on the cheap is expensive--a twelve pack of the cheapest beer around, Pabst for example, runs over $8. No which way about it, living in San Francisco is expensive.

Here's a couple days' expenses.

Thursday August 23
$ 7 laundry wash (4 loads X $1.75 each)
$ 4 laundry dry (4 loads X 32 minutes at 25 cents for 8 minutes)
$ 6 deli sandwhich
total $17

Friday August 24
$ 10 beer (2 beers at $4 each + $1 tip per beer)
$ 32 sushi (for 2 people)
$ 3 bus tickets ($1.50 each direction)
total $ 45

Saturday August 25
$ 65.30 groceries
$ 18 phone bill
$ 5 bridge toll
total $88.30

Sunday August 26
$ 25.95 gasoline ($2.95 a gallon X 8.8 gallons)
$ 4.29 vegetarian burrito
$ 9.08 six pack Sierra Nevada Beer
total $39.32

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