Monday, October 8, 2007

the future of fiction is extinction

Among the cologne and wrist watch ads that make up the bulk of Esquire magazine's content, the October 2007 issue included this shocking little tidbit: 70 recreational book readers die each year, and only 2 are born. That info leads the writer who mentioned it to prophesize that books are on the way out. To tell the truth, it doesn't surprise me much at all. Of the folks I interact with on a regular basis, most of those who read books for fun are older than 40. People my own age spend their free time watching movies, or blowing cash in bars. Those of my peers who do read in their personal moments seem to do so more out of a sense of narcissistic intellectualism than honest enjoyment, and it's those same types of readers who mock folks reading for the sake of a kick in the pants.

Books are dead my friends. Thank god all those authors haven't figured it out yet.

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