Friday, November 30, 2007

TicketMaster is the Devil

My girlfriend and I took some friends to the OZOMATLI show at the Fillmore last night. The show was pretty good (they're performances are starting to look a bit jaded), but the ticket service charge from Ticketmaster was outrageous. Tickets were $26.50 each, plus a $10 Ticketmaster charge, plus $3 for ordering tickets online. That's $13 each ticket just in addendum charges, practically half of the cost of the ticket. We bought four tickets, so we spent nearly $50 in extra fees. And on top of that, in order to buy the tickets online you have to give Ticketmaster your email account, and you have to consent to them using your email pretty much however they want (including adding it to their junk mailing list, and even selling it).

So basically Ticketmaster is the devil, and there's hardly any alternative to it. It was a Thursday show (Friday and Saturday were sold out), and our friends couldn't tell us if they could go until Monday. The Fillmore sells tickets for its shows at its box-office, but that's only open for a few hours on Sundays, and on the nights when they have shows. There weren't any shows going on until the night we went, so we couldn't buy tickets from the Fillmore directly (and to tell the truth, I'm not even sure if you can buy tickets for shows not happening the night you go to the box-office). We had no option besides Ticketmaster.

It makes me think of Pearl Jam, back during their early fame, fighting with Ticketmaster, and how that fight basically prevented them from being able to do any shows in the US for a couple years. Amazing that this monopolizing corporation had the power to shut down the most popular band of the day.

If Ticketbastard is the master, it relegates us to subservience.

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