Friday, February 29, 2008

Sam Pink

I am sitting at my desk at my work. There are eleven minutes left on the clock before I can leave. I've been reading Sam Pink's blog THIS IS AN IMPERSONAL ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION. My computer screen is visible to people coming in the office door, and I keep feeling worried that they will see something on the screen that will upset them or make them think something bad about me. Sam Pink's blog is almost exclusively words, and I think it's interesting to think that I'm worried about people reading these words, or judging me for reading these words, and I like that I'm worried because that means that words still have power, but I know that no one walking in the door has read any of the words so far. People don't seem to read words anymore. Or at least most people don't seem to read words. It's almost like they block words out. A subconscious part of their mind recognizes the words and before the conscious part begins to read the words, the subconscious part tells the eyes to stop taking in the information. That's how it seems.

There are four minutes left before I have to leave. I'm going to stop writing now, and start getting ready to leave.

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Alonso said...

"This blog is my exploration of literary San Francisco and daily affirmation that people still read."

someone else in the city wondering how much weight the written word still has