Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Can you believe this is the way we spend our lives,
in closed rooms
with air pumped in by machines
and windows that do not open?
Can you believe that the years keep passing
while we are doing this?
How little are our lives worth
and how much should we sacrifice
for a loaf of bread
and a bed?
Can you believe that this
has been going on for
longer than--
Do you believe in god?
Which one?
Do you believe in one of the
major religions,
one of those that has been around
for thousands of years?
Thousands of years
with divine knowledge
and we're still
this dumb?
How can it be
that today
right now
we are at the pinnacle
of human evolution?
All of history
every countless moment
has come together
to bring us here,
and this is all we have?

This is all we have to show for it?

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