Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Internet Literary Journals

Why don't I submit stories to them? I guess the answer lies, in part, in my own biases. I prefer reading on paper to reading on a screen, and I'd rather have my own writing in physical form, instead of electronic representation. I like having a book or a journal in my hand, being able to take it with me wherever I am, free from the tether of a powercord. And books feel more permanent to me than websites, which shut down as soon as the owner stops paying fees.

Even so, I do feel that electronic journals will be a growing part of the literary world in the years to come. They're cheaper to publish than their paper-based brethren, with less size-related limitations. Also, the venue itself has it's advantages. In today's world a lot of the reading that people do takes place online, usually when they're at the office, avoiding work. (A lot of living in general seems to take place online today, which I've got my own biases against.) Another bonus, online journals don't cost the reader any money (with a very few exceptions).

So I guess I ought to just embrace this new reality, and start fishing for online publications to submit to.

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