Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Regarding Blogging

I've had this blog set up for more than a year now, and I've never really managed to get rolling with it. At best I've managed 6 posts a month. I have no idea how many people are even reading it (though I assume it's not many) either, because the Google Analytics page I set up for it doesn't seem to be working. According to Google, I haven't had a single hit in four months, and yet there was a lonely comment or two during that time, so somebody must have been reading. Even when I started another blog where I knew how many people were reading, and saw that number increasing, I lost interest pretty quick.

I think that part of the reason blogging hasn't held my interest is because of the type of writing it encourages. Timeliness holds a lot of weight in the blogging world, and timelessness has no place. Every post gets a date stamped on it, and the older the post, the less likely people are to read it. Also, each time a new post is published every other post gets dropped down another notch. After you reach a certain number of posts, your oldest posts get shuttled to a whole 'nother page. You won't even see them unless you dig. There isn't much sense of staying power. You could write a definitive statement on Dante's Inferno, spend a year gathering info and framing your thoughts, and it'll be perceived as less worthwhile than a video of yourself burping the alphabet posted on the following day.

What that means is you're encouraged to post often, but you're discouraged from spending a lot of time on what you post. Freshness is rewarded, good writing and thoughtfulness are not.

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