Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Black Gods

We were seated in what looked like a stadium for one of those dolphin/porpoise shows, but the seats were in the water, instead of up above it. The water had that vibrant blue color that's closer to sky than ocean. Two young white girls, dressed in full body wetsuits, came riding into the area in front of us. They wore their hair in pulled-back ponytails; their teeth glowed pure white. They rode on giant figures like Hellenic statues, but with hair and eyes and skin all onyx black. Living statues of ancient gods, each large enough to carry a girl on one shoulder, or cradle a girl's torso in the palm of a hand. As they neared the crowd, each black god pushing white froth before it, I looked up and saw another, larger giant reaching down from the sky--this one so big that a single finger matched an average human's size. A vaporous cloud blocked the behemoth's face, but I remember its massive hand reaching down. I remember the ridges of its finger prints, and the skin as dark as a tar-dyed corpse.