Sunday, May 9, 2010


My mom loves me. My girlfriend loves me. My brother loves me. These three people, I am sure, sincerely love me and care about my well being, and think about my well being on a regular basis. And then I've got friends and family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc., who like me well enough and probably wish me at least a modicum of satisfaction in life. And then there are the countless billions who honestly don't give a shit about me at all. Of those billions, there's probably a fair number who would, at some level, feel gratified if I suffered in some way. For some of them they'd like me to suffer in a small way--like having me stuck with shit-pay job's that I hate for the rest of my days--so that they'd feel better about their own lives. And there are probably a decent number of people who'd actually be amused by greater suffering--they'd laugh at a youtube clip of me getting beat up in a bar fight, or run over by a truck.

How am I supposed to get on with life, knowing that?

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