Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Map of Fog 2

More true stories about life in San Francisco. Role-Playing nerds, Critical Mass assholes, sticker vandals, desperate slackers hanging on to life in the city, punk and ghetto child alliances, and a section profiling some of the weird houses in the city's suburbs.

San Francisco is a city of nerds. It's also a city of yuppies, homeless people, hippies, immigrants, political radicals, gang bangers, punk rockers, and pretty much anyone else you can imagine. But it's the nerds that are growing in numbers every day, and it's the nerds who will inherit this city once the hippies die of old age, and the yuppies go broke and can't afford to live here anymore.

The nerd takeover started in the nineties with the dot-com boom, and it continues today with the local tech/internet businesses like Google and Yahoo dominating the job sector. Tech companies pay good money, and being a nerd is practically a prerequisite for employment. So the nerds get the cash, and the nerds drive up the cost of living, and everyone else can fuck off and move to Oakland.

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