Wednesday, March 14, 2012

another Marcos Soriano?

Apparently there's another person with the same name as me who's also interested in writing and self-publishing. I stumbled across a book titled TIMBUKTU: An African Tale, which is available for download on Kindle. Here's the teaser: "In an Africa long forgotten, a Prince will soon be King, and a boy must become a man. On the day of his coronation, Prince Aswani is dethroned by an evil wizard intent on destroying his father's legacy. With the help of his loyal pygmy servant Batutta, Aswani sets off on a dangerous quest to restore his kingdom and save his people, before it's too late."

Long forgotten Africa? Evil Wizards? Pygmy servants? It's an eerie feeling, seeing your name on a book that you probably wouldn't ever dream up.

I tried reading the samples online, and noticed in the sample text that TIMBUKTU is given a copyright year of 2004. That's two years before my first published story. Does that mean he gets first dibs on the name Marcos Soriano? Will I have to use something else, if I ever put a book up on Kindle?


Anonymous said...

The other Marcos Soriano here. I guess our name is a little more common than one would think. In the future, I'll use my middle initial G. so there isn't any confusion. I'm more of a film writer though. These were side projects for my own pleasure so you won't have much competition from me, and it looks like we operate in very different genres anyway. Good luck with your work!

Marcos said...

Hi Marcos,

Thanks for stopping by. If you're willing to add your middle initial, it probably would help people keep things clear, and that would probably be good for both of us. But Marcos Soriano is your name, and you've got as much right to it as I do, so feel free to keep it as is if you prefer. I'm fine with either course of action.

I did set up an author page for myself, which links to my two kindle titles, to help people differentiate between us. I figure that if people are motivated, they'll be able to tell us apart.

Thanks again for your consideration, and good luck with your publishing projects.