Tuesday, April 17, 2012

first kindle "free-download day" results for Within Our Bones

Last week I put my story collection WITHIN OUR BONES up on Kindle, and on Saturday I made it available for free download for 24 hours. When the free download day ended, 46 people had snagged a copy, and since then two more people have bought it. In all honesty, I'm pretty surprised that 48 people would be interested in a collection that describes itself as 'depressing.'

It remains to be seen whether or not the 48 people who've acquired copies so far will actually bother to read the book, but in any case, the fact that they downloaded it at all is sort of amazing. A depressing chapbook collecting 'literary' short stories written by an unheard of author--that's got to be pretty much near the bottom of the barrel in terms of selling potential. And yet 46 sales in 24 hours is pretty much the most success I've ever personally had with my writing, even though the 'sales' didn't cost the buyers anything.

So, what am I taking from this? The idea that there must be a massive potential audience accessible through putting books up on Kindle. Am I planning on putting up more books? Yes. Yes I am.

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