Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Within Our Bones

I decided to put a book up on Kindle, to see if there's any market there for 'literary fiction.' Most of what I've seen on Kindle is genre fiction stuff--horror, paranormal romance, murder mystery, etc. I don't know how many Kindle owners are interested in buying a short-story/flash fiction collection, but it didn't cost anything to put it up, so I figured what the hell.

Kindle also offers the option of making the book available for free download for 5 out of every 90 days. I'm planning on taking advantage of that, with the first free download day being this coming Saturday, April 14th. If you've got a Kindle, or have downloaded the Kindle reader for your computer, please snag a copy of my collection on that day.

If you don't have a Kindle, and you're interested in reading the book, I'll send you a free PDF of it if you agree to write an Amazon review. Email me.

Click here to go to the Amazon page for Within Our Bones.

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