Friday, May 18, 2012

Suck Nectar free on Kindle this weekend

Quick reminder: the Kindle eBook version of my poetry collection SUCK NECTAR VOMIT HONEY is available for free download this weekend. Please download a copy! And if you like it, please put up a review!

Here's the teaser:

"Ranging in tones from tortured to exultant, referencing poets from Blake to Bukowski, and covering topics as varied as garden fauna, Buddhism, and unprotected sex, SUCK NECTAR VOMIT HONEY is a vivid ember of a collection. Sometimes the poems burn slow, sometimes they flare bright, in every case they leave a mark. Read it and you'll never see earthworms, black coffee, or public restrooms in the same way again."

And here's a link to the Amazon page:

Suck Nectar Vomit Honey.

(Just before posting this, I checked the Amazon Kindle poetry bestsellers page, and SUCK NECTAR is currently at #28 of the top 100 free books list, side by side with Bukowski's LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL on the purchase side. Nice book to be put next to, I must say.)

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