Monday, May 21, 2012

Suck Nectar free weekend results

The free weekend for SUCK NECTAR VOMIT HONEY on Kindle is over. At its best, my collection reached #1 for free downloads in the 20th Century Poetry section, and #23 for free downloads of any poetry book. Both of those heights were reached on the first day, which was a Friday, and I think they resulted from about 25 downloads in a eight hour period. Saturday and Sunday were much slower days for downloads, and the total number of downloads had only reached 38 by the end of the free weekend.

I haven't done enough free-day drives to come to definite conclusions, but I have noticed certain commonalities amongst this free weekend and free days I've done with other titles I've got up on Kindle: most of the downloads came on Fridays, and most of the downloads came when the title was fresh on the board. If you're interested in putting your own work on Kindle, and trying to promote it with free days, that bolded info might be of interest to you.

Of course, this drive wont do much good unless it results in Amazon reviews for SUCK NECTAR. If you're one of the people who downloaded it, please consider writing a review. Thanks.

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