Friday, May 11, 2012

Suck Nectar Vomit Honey now on Kindle

My poetry collection SUCK NECTAR VOMIT HONEY is now available on Kindle. It's available for $2.99, or you can download a copy for free next weekend, Friday May 18th through Sunday May 20th. If you don't have a kindle but still want to read it, you can buy a PDF at the Steady Press website. And, since I'm trying to spread the word, if you're willing to mention it on your blog, or to post an Amazon review, I'll send you a PDF for free. Email me: mcmfs [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Here's the blurb:

Ranging in tones from tortured to exultant, referencing poets from Blake to Bukowski, and covering topics as varied as garden fauna, Buddhism, and unprotected sex, SUCK NECTAR VOMIT HONEY is a vivid ember of a collection. Sometimes the poems burn slow, sometimes they flare bright, in every case they leave a mark. Read it and you'll never see earthworms, black coffee, or public restrooms in the same way again.

The collection has 47 poems, including "sick fish", which won the Autumn Letters Best of Word 2010 prize and doesn't seem to appear on their website anymore, and "object", which was widely viewed on the Word Riot website. Give it a look.

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